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합리적인 가격 사용자 지정 다 마스크 짠된 레이블

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모형: WL-105 woven label

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합리적인 가격 사용자 지정 다 마스크 직물된 label
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합리적인 가격 사용자 지정 다 마스크 직물된 label

Product Information


Custom damask woven label include Main Label, Size Label, Care Label, Country Original Label, Content Label, etc.


Cotton, Ribbon, Nylon, Polyester, Damask, Taffeta, Satin and so on.


Custom damask woven label for garment/bags/shoes/hats/toys/blankets/home texitle, etc. 


Environmental friendly, non-fading, recycled, washable woven labels 


Customized (any color)


Customized custom damask woven label


Heat Cut, laser cut, ultrasonic cut or over lock edge 

OEM Service




Sample Making

3-5 days

Mass Production

7-10 days (depends on custom damask woven label technique and qty)


Usually polybag and carton, or as per customers requirement

Woven Label Folds

이러한 사용자 지정 다 마스크 짠된 레이블이 주름 수 있습니다 옵션.

주 Product

Our main products are:


Woven label;

Size Label;

Care Label, etc.

Embroidered patch;

We are a premium manufacturer in China with 15 years experience focusing on custom damask woven label production!

Woven Labels Show

타입 1 : 주 Label

Type 2: 크기 Label

유형 3: 케어 Label

더 짠 레이블

왜 선택 Us

*1) Excellence Experience

  •       15 Years' experience in custom damask woven label production;


*2) Excellent Quality

  •        We can produce custom damask woven label and tags to the ultimate satisfaction of the most demanding customers;


  •        Our excellence quality are witnessed by industy elites that we’ve working with,            including:


*3) Excellence Service

      With the seamless cooperation of our prodution division and sales team, we can:

  •       reply to any inquiry within 12 hours;
  •       resolve any problem within 24 hours.

배송 & Payment

Shipping Ways

Mainly sea shipping or International express (DHL/UPS/FedEx/TNT etc.)


Shenzhen, China

Payment Ways

L/C, T/T, Western Union, PayPal, Escrow

Payment Term

30% before production, while the rest 70% before shipment

More Products

Apart from custom damask woven label, embroidered patch are also within our product range.


(Disclaimer: All pictures of woven labels displayed are only for reference and not for sale, all rights are reserved to their respective owners! We will not produce any woven labels design without proper and legal authorization!)


짠 응용
사용자 정의 장미 색 짠된 레이블이 모자 위해 널리 이용 된다 신발, 의류, 수건 및 가정 texitle, 등


짠된 레이블이 생산 여기 매우 신중 하 게 우리의 경험 있는 노동자에 의해 질서 방식에서 사용자 정의 장미 색!

회사 정보

Dongguan Excellence Garment Accessories Co, Ltd. is located in Chang'an Town of Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, covering an area of more than 4,000 square meters, our factory is equipped with advanced printing machines from Roland and more than 100 skilled workers work diligently to serve our clients from North America, Europe, Central Asia.


Since the establishment of our factory in 2000, we have been focusing on the production of woven labels and tags for various renowned apparel brands worldwide. As a one-stop purchasing service provider of garment accessories, we are working hard to deliver value-added service to our customers worldwide.



협력 Guide

1) Make Sample.

Counter sample of custom damask woven label can be made in 3-5 days upon receipt of your artwork or sample.


2) Quotation.

Details of your requirements are much appreciated for custom damask woven label quotation, including:


1. Size

2. Quantity

3. Color(Pantone No.)

4. Artwork in PDF/AI or image of front and back sides.

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